Elevators & Staircases

Last year around Halloween Saturday Night Live featured a creepy & hilarious skit with Tom Hanks through a haunted house called Haunted Elevator. Watch the skit here. Mark, the bell hop says,”The scariest thing to the mind is the unknown.”

When Pastor Elijah & I came to Calvary in 2014 there was plenty of uncertainty about how exactly our residency would go. This theme continued, even through these days, fall 2017. Even if I had a crystal ball then, it would have been cloudy. So much has happened during my time at Calvary, much of which could not have been predicted. and much of which was honestly pretty scary and/or stressful.

Yet, here we are. We made it through!

This Sunday I look forward to giving thanks for our time together on my last Sunday with you all. More details on festivities can be found below. This Sunday we also have opportunities to remember & give thanks for saints who have gone before us, especially those saints & loved ones who have died this past year on All Saints Sunday.

If “the scariest thing to the mind is the unknown,” then death can be pretty scary. At its core, the fear of death, thanatophobia, has roots in fear of the unknown. Part of what makes grief so hard is the level of imagination required to consider what life will be like without that loved one.

Imaging life after a loved one’s death requires faith. Martin Luther King Jr. famously said, “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” When you remember a deceased loved one you might feel a little flutter in your chest kind of like when you miss a step in a staircase.

Wherever you are in your journey- concerns about your future, grieving a lost loved one whether by death or conflict, wondering where is God when you suffer, and more- ask God to guide your steps on life’s staircase as you put one foot in front of the other. If you’re not sure how, or you don’t find that type of courage within yourself, come this Sunday to borrow a little communal courage as we reflect and give thanks together as we are inspired by the saints who have gone before us.