Let Your Light Shine

On this New Year’s Eve & 8th night of Hanukkah, this Episco-Bapt-onite Christian sees the intersection of faith & public life coming together in new ways. Just 20 days from now, the world will witness a man sworn in as President of the United States who has no qualms playing Russian Roulette with nuclear arms & whose very presence encourages violence against minorities of every type. I am deeply troubled by this reality, but perhaps even more so, I am troubled by a global shift namely in parts of Europe and the United States. A shift that embraces anxiety & scarcity more than embracing neighbor.


On this New Year’s Eve I feel worried that the world I have always known is moving toward an irreversibly violent & intolerant reality. What can be done?


I’m not sure what can be done, but I will light candles.


I will light a candle with the hope that if I increase my external light, then my internal light of hope that is dimmed with each headline & threat will be reminded of truths.


I will light a candle when hope in the midst of these troubling times feels like too much to ask for, so that the Inner Light’s voice will be more clear to me than anything else.


The story of Hanukkah is a story of miracles & identity. The Jewish Maccabees were unlikely victors in their struggle. The Maccabees were targeted as a minority group by the Greeks who were hellbent on destroying them. A menorah or chanukiah during the festival of Hanukkah is traditionally displayed near a window.


To light the menorah is to stick it to the man by saying- light lives here & my Light will not be intimidated.


Let your Light shine.




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