Blizzard Sabbath Keeping

I don’t know if you heard, but a little storm has popped up on the East coast. So far Winter Storm Jonas has dropped more snow in the DC-Baltimore metro areas than I have ever seen in my entire life combined. Before now, the only blizzard I was familiar with came from Dairy Queen!

The ability to drive or even walk much outside has contributed to me accepting the need to stay home. So I have. I have stayed in, read, relaxed, baked, connected with my sweetheart. After 1.5 days of this externally imposed hibernation, I realized how relieved I have been not to have expectations put on my time.

Business as usual has temporarily stopped.

While I was in seminary I experienced great relief & peace by carefully practicing Sabbath & protecting that time. Not in the Orthodox, kosher, Jewish sense, but in my own adapted yet spiritually focused, life-giving way. This regular practice has since stopped as little by little I allowed other demands, “needs”, & a different life stage/lifestyle to take over.

My mistake.

I truly grieve the lost life & damaged property this titan of a storm has brought, but I am thankful for the reminder that I need this type of rest when no one owns me or my time. When I am reminded that I am only Erica, always Gods, & life is both short & long so plan accordingly.

Sabbath is a reminder that Creation is finite & glorious, our Creator is infinite & glorious, & rest is divine. Sabbath is a reminder that contrary to American belief, work & productivity do not define humanity, or more particularly me. Sabbath is a reminder that what we do individually & privately impacts who we are collectively & publicly.

Sabbath is not leaving reality, but facing reality in a more centered way.

When was the last time you Sabbathed?