Grief Unspeakable: Mary Did You Know?

Grief Unspeakable: Mary Did You Know?


Mary, were you angry

At the crowd of healed people

Who shouted with severe amnesia?


Mary, were you silent

As Jesus cried out

Or did you cry out too?


Mary, did you think

That you lost your son

Like that fateful youth Temple day?


Mary, did you know

That Jesus was always found

And in God’s care even during death?


Mary, did you know

That grief and silence could be holy

Even then, even now?


Mary, did you know

That your little Lamb

Would become a Savior-Man?


Mary, did you keep

Sabbath that silent Saturday

Or did you busy your hands nervously?


Mary, were you proud of your son

Or were you shamed

As He died a criminal’s death?


Mary, were you alone

With people all around

Yet no one who understood?


Mary, do you remember

Jesus’ limp arms and legs

Pale skin and dried blood brow?


Mary, do you remember

When and how they laid Jesus’ body

In the dark, isolated tomb?


Mary, did you sleep

From traumatic exhaustion

Or did you pace the floor praying for sunrise?


Mary, were you confused

When you arrived at the tomb

Stone rolled away,

Something new to say,

Starting a new day?




1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Laurieanne Tuttle
    Apr 22, 2014 @ 18:32:18

    thank you Erica


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