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Part 1 of this series can be found here.


Want Ad

Wanted- a church that says it is welcoming

And actually is


Wanted- a church not color blind

But kaleidoscope embracing


Wanted- a church that is humbly proud of itself

And has reason to be


Wanted- a church not elitist

But makes space for every income & education


Wanted- a church that takes in the community as brothers and sisters

And not a colony to be conquered


Wanted- a church more interested in being kind than right


Wanted- a church with love to show

Not something to prove


Wanted-a church not worshipping patriarchal idols

But welcoming all as equals


Wanted- a church affirming

Not just tolerating


Wanted- a church that absorbs confusion

Offering gentle guidance and ready ear


Wanted- a church not exclusive

But radically inclusive


Needed- a church as welcoming as Jesus was, and is, and ever will be





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